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Resonance coaching 

During the journey of life towards success in the field of JEE\NEET is quite hectic as most of students get stuck in the first step towards their journey in this field. We will be talking about resonance coaching classes here and all about their team members , faculties , study materials courses , and DLPD ( distanace learning programme division .



No doubt it is the best coaching not only in kota but also in whole nation if we talk about JEE or NEET examination preparation. The fact people like coaching institute depends upon particular things

  1. Faculties
  2. study materials package
  3. doubt solving sessions

Here we will be talking in each steps particularly ,

Faculties of resonance

resonance coaching started by an iitian itself whose name is RK VERMA , he is not only the founder of resonance adventurous limited but also a teacher or physics faculty.

Rk verma sir made a team of teachers in every department in which there is a head faculties whom students commonly name as HOD. Like sir RK verma is the HOD ( Head of the department ) in physics ,, likewise there is hod’s for chemistry and mathematics as well .

Every faculties are being trained by the expert before joining the resonance coaching classes for academic session , so students should not worry about the qualifications of the teachers who will be teaching them.

Most of the teachers are from a renowned institute like IIT or NIT and if by any chance they are not from institution like this , they must be experienced one as we must have heard the statement ” experience is better than the knowledge “.

and i personally experienced that sometimes even experience beat the knowledge

so, overall faculties are of A1 grade whom you can trust fully , and even if you dont like the teaching method of a particular faculties , you can attend the lectures of another faculties as well , this is the freedom that resonance provides to its students.

In resonance the RK Verma sir has made the ambiance in such a way that teachers behave or act friendly with that of the students so that students wont face any sort of hesitation while asking any type of question to any particular faculties.

As we all know kota is a factory and every students who go there being churned by the coaching in both the positive and negative ways . In simple words ” if you want to crack IIT-NEET you will crack it by doing hardwork and smartwork ,, if you dont want to crack it , you will find an excuse ”  so lets find an excuse to crack it 😉

Study materials of resonance coaching 


resonance provides Sheets , DPPS, Handouts as a materials for its students.

In the sheets section , there is topics given in brief or in advance whatever required for any topics in order to get into students mind as soon as possible . They are well structured topics.

After the completion of the topics there is 3 types of exercise given on the  level of basic to hard .

in exercise 1 there will be easy nuts of question to which any one can solve having basic concept clearance and idea.

In exercise 2 there will be Advance level question which requires complete topics and clear concept in order to solve that question.

So, before proceeding to exercise 2 , make sure to clear concepts from that particular topics which you are solving question for. Only after that you will be able to solve the question of this much difficulties level .

In exercise 3 , there will be previous year analysed question for you and not only the question but also there will be answer and detailed explanation of that particular solution will be there ,, so by solving previous year question you will be gaining some courage and confidence as well to solve question in real time situation ( it is applicable only if you solve a particular question without looking at the answer or solutions )

Subject wise study materials review


In the mathematics , you will find theory very less and question more because our honorable RK Verma sir, believes that and it is the fact as well that in mathematics we understand more by solving rather then reading . However theory is required to clear the concepts so , you can refer the books of mathematics which provides a good amount to theory then proceed to resonance booklet to solve the questions on the basis of your understanding level .

In mathematics you will also find a section of ALP ( Advanced level problems ) which will enhance your maths solving capacity because in the ALP section you will be solving one of the toughest nuts the resonance coaching have . Sometimes only toppers are advised to solve questions from ALP who is aspiring JEE- Advance or Mathematics and physics olympiad are being told to solve the questions from ALP . However you can consider yourself as a topper and start solving Questions from ALP section if you are having the guts 😉 because nothing is impossible as the word iteslf suggets I M Possible.

Now come to the chemistry part 🙂

in chemistry the module is divided in 3 parts





the physical part of the resonance is that much famous that even the students of other coachings are willing to have materials like resonance for their practice .  Theory is the physical chemistry is good and the questions are of medium level . If you have solved all the questions after the exercise 3 , you will be getting more extra questions at the end of each and every chapters out there.


If you dont know the ABC of inorganic you can start from resonance sheets as the vast knowledge are being provided you can start from the chapter basic law in inorganic  ( just remember that entire chapters throughly so that you wont face any problem in upcoming chapters )

If you have not any other books apart from resonance for inorganic you can believe in the same and can have a essence of it from the starting itself to the advance level . However with resonance you can also refer to NCERT for better understanding of this subject.


here , straight forward i would  like to say you that dont refer the theory from the sheets , infact find a good books of a renowned author for organic one . However you can solve or in other words can jump into the sheets for solving the questions  . Here you will find a variety of questions which will give you the test of different kinds of questions and can help you to solve the questions in real time environment.

Daily practice problems ( DPP’s )

DPPs are given to reso students in order to be in touch with that of the subject after a long also . In other words you can say that DPPs are for your revision only and it is not meant for practice

In every topic you will find 15-20 questions depending upon the difficulties level of that particular topic . with each exercise , there will be  a time limit for each exercise given there in DPPs of the resonance . it is advised to solve the questions as per the time limit given at the side of each exercise .

i will advise to give online test as everything are conducted online nowadays infact JEE MAIN itself conducted in online mode only each year.

Doubt solving session of resonance coaching 

This factors makes any institute from worst to best as the doubt comes often , students would like to go to the teachers and at that moment of time , if students gets satisfied then certainly he or she will come to that particular faculty again for no reason.

Resonance has a varied number of teachers always ready to solve each and every query out there for its students . However allen excel at this particular field as they are having faculties more than that of allen .

if you say me to rate the doubt facilities of resonance on the scale of 10 then certainly i will give the rating as 8 .

if you have any questions stuck in your head about resonance coaching or anything else , you can comment below and post our team will reply you very soon on your mail


Thank you


Author: Saurabh Thakur

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