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If you  are here to get your HISTORY NOTES BY PARMAR SIR then you are at the right place. Read this post till the last and in between you will get the notes of parmar sir,

Parmar sir is one of the renowned sir of vajiram and ravi as per the experience of many students because of his teaching style and the main glance of him is that he keep students mind entertained by telling him shayari of world class and indulge his students in his teaching.

As a history class , you will never be bored out of his teaching method unlike other teachers he has the power to cope with his students throughout the classes.

We all know that everyone is not from a big institute like iit or nit that he will get job for sure , infact those students also coming nowadays in government examination field to compete with us So, it is our moral duty to defeat those students by scoring more marks then him

if for the general knowledge you want to be familiar with those students , do read out this post here you will get complete information that what happens in the big institution like IIT or NIT , because once you are familiar with the strategy of those students it will be easy for you to defeat them in examination

DO Read here

Or else you can go with the notes of parmar sir classes straight forward 🙂

below is the link given

Author: Saurabh Thakur

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