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  • Byheart the syllabus page as much as you can in such a way that if anyone asks you that what is in the 2nd page 3rd line , you can reply in a second
  •  try to finish NCERT as soon as possible so that you can move to standard books because only depending on ncert will lead you nothing and nowhere so finish ncert as soon as possible and yes, highlight is must when you are reading ncert because by this you can remember it anytime you open ncert and you dont have to start reading again from the scratch at the time of revision 


  • it is and it will be always indispensable part of your study whenever youre preparing exams like upsc and ssc
  • along with reading the hindu , always make meaningful notes out of it so that it wont be hurdle while you will be revising

3. along with all ncert and standard books read magazines like yojna and make note out of it as well


4.if you have time then please i will request you to read ncert in a funny way by doing so you will gain interest in subject core so that you wont face any sort of problem while reading standard books hence your half milestone is completed till now


It is possible to prepare for UPSC CSE without coaching and many people have done it over the years.

But I think one’s decision about joining coaching should not be based on whether it is possible or not.

It should be a purely personal decision based on the analysis of one’s strengths and weaknesses.

In an exam like CSE what works for one might not work for another.


Ask yourself if it is possible to prepare for UPSC CSE without coaching.
If you feel fairly confident then go ahead and prepare on your own.
If not, then do whatever it takes to gain confidence. Coaching, mocks, study circles, whatever it takes.

However, if circumstances prevent you from joining a coaching class even when you feel the need, then please do not feel disheartened. Internet is a great equalizer and there are many people in the exact same situation as yours who have utilized this great resource to secure a good rank.

Author: Saurabh Thakur

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