Corona Virus effect on us

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Corona viruses are protein made viruses looks like a king’s crown that is the reason behind scientist kept its name as corona virus.


This article deals with corona virus effect on us and how our body can avoid it.


if we look into this particular virus then we will find specific types of protrusion which is usually made up of proteins.

however, it is not any old virus that we dont know about , actually first corona virus found in 1960 in human races which cause in intestine and generally in flu and gastro problems.

this viruses are of many types and their cause in each living beings are differently.

In human corona viruses cause respiratory infections where in cows it cause diarrhea , same is the case with a pig.

As of now there is no vaccines discovered that cures human from the infection of coronavirus as scientist has not discovered any medicine for the same yet.


Corona virus spreads from person to person and by also an object to person.

By object i mean if any infected person have touched any particular objects with that virus inside him or her and suddenly or later if you will touch that object , there is more probability that it will spread to you. (one hack – always wash your hand with detol whenever you enter in your house same rule should be applied when you are about to eat.)

after being touched any infected object, if you touch  any part of your body like mouth , eyes , nose then it will become easy for the virus to enter through them so please i request to follow my advice as i do not  want you to be ill at any cost.

China national health commission has conformed that it can easily be spread from hand to hand contact from infected person.



To be precise we dont know how dangerous it is and we will be unable to know until more data and case research comes to us.

as per the current scenario or case came , mortality rate from this infection is 2% as per the information by researchers. ( mortality rate means number of people died among total infected person.

This particular viruses is more dangerous then that of normal flu , cold viruses that is the reason behind giving two vaccines to the people infected from this virus.

The old age people need special care as the chances of getting this virus infection to them is more and also mortality rate of those people are high ( poor old age people 🙁 )

Apart from this , people having low immunity needs to care themselves properly because after old age people 2nd number comes upon these types of people in mortality rate data. However old age people whose immune systems is not good there are 90% chances that these viruses will catch them .

People with existing respiratory problems should take care by using proper hand-wash and avoiding other people if you are unwell are most important thing.

Coronavirus which comes from animals are


Severe acute respiratory  syndrome (SARS)

Middle Eastern respiratory syndrome (MERS)

In the year 2002 , SARS spread globally and it became global panic infected more than 8000 people in which 850 people were killed.

How many people have been hunted by Corona Virus?

As per the latest news , Its symptoms has been seen in 89083 people around the globe where as in china death has passed its data by 3057. However 45000 people who were previously infected have already been recovered.

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Author: Saurabh Thakur

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