corona virus in india

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After the wuhan , a city in china where more than 3000 people got to death bed , corona virus in india is in news.


The first confirmed case of corona virus detected in kerela , a renowned state of india from a malayali student.

student was studying  in wuhan and got infected through the contact of another people in his batch. as per the people told the patient is stable and being closely monitored by expert doctors.

There were many students came along with that malyali students around 32 of them tested negative in corona virus test in the laboratory but this guy tested positive in the test hapen in pune. this case conformed that corona came to india officially and there is no need to announce , infact all we need is to stay safe from this.

Also it is one of the big task for indian government to make people aware and to take some immediate actions towards this virus.

Apart fom this WHO ( world health organisation ) has declared this virus as world heath emergency after which china build hospital specifically for this virus within span of few days.

the planned and steps has been already has been discussed in cabinet regarding the health emergency and steps to be taken upon this dangerous novel corona  virus.

In china there is more than 200 students studying as of now as per confirmed by the chinese authority and after seeing the current scenario of one positive case , there might be  a great possibility that more students has been affected through person to person contact.

indain government has asked china to send those all students back to india However when they will come a separate treatment will be given to those students by isolating them from another people from india and also they will be kept in special treatment for at least 2 weeks.

also there will be restriction for the students that they cant travel during the tenure of their treatment as in this way other people will be prevented from being infected.

As of now wuhan authority is not allowing anyone to travel out of that  city so , here the concern it will be difficult for students to  manage to come to india.



Author: Saurabh Thakur

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