nios admission process

Nios Admission process

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Hello every one as we all are aware of  CBSE , State board .etc board but have you ever heard of NIOS open board Are you excited to know about this so  today here I am back with one of the interesting topic Today I would like to discuss about Detail information on  What is NIOS board , eligibility criteria  , admission process , exam pattern  , fee structure  etc Here I will explain in detail with each and every minute detail So what are we waiting for Are you excited to know about all details of NIOS  board So let get started Now let start discussion on this topic .

What is NIOS board  and nios admission process ?

NIOS comes under the title of open schooling NIOS stands for National Institute of Open Schooling . It was established in year 1989 by our former Ministry of  Human Resource Development . It also provide vocational and life enrichment training . It also provide us with Open Basic Education program . It is as similar to other boards. NIOS board offer course  in Hindi , Urdu and English language .

it also provide other language like Gujarati , Telugu , Tamil etc for the students of class 10 and class 12 . Best part of NIOS board exam  is question is asked in English language but students can answer to those in their own regional language this freedom is provide to the students by the Constitution of India . the main head quarter of NIOS board are in Noida , uttar pradesh , India  . The chairman of the NIOS board is SH Bishwajit Kumar Singh .


Salient features of NIOS board 

  • it provides the flexible education  system to the students they  can complete their education at different level this system is better than other board pattern students are free to choose their   education pattern ie  secondary education , vocational training etc
  • It become very convenient for the students  who are very passionate to clear their JEE , NEET exam   this study pattern help them to focus on their entrance exam to score better marks in examination .

and another best part of this NIOS board is there is no upper age limit for studies


So due to all feature provides by NIOS board the people are getting aware about this board and they try to accept the concept of open schooling because there are more benefit of open schooling and getting chance to explore and increase creativity than any other board pattern .

So here  I would also like to mention the website of NIOS board

So here  after knowing all the salient feature and detail introduction of NIOS board so I think you all are curious about to know more about this so now let us discuss eligibility criteria  and are willing to know them in detail so let get started and discuss eligibility criteria in detail

Eligibility criteria for nios admission process 

NIOS eligibility criteria mainly include age limit and academic qualification So eligibility criteria are as mentioned below

The student must be 14 years of age at the time of admission

The student must be 15 years of age at the time of senior secondary admission

Student must have pass class 8 from any of the recognized board of education

Student must have  pass class 12 from any of the recognized board of education

After knowing the eligibility criteria is become very important to be aware of the admission procedure in detail so that you can able to get enroll yourself to the NIOS board for further studies

Here I would like to mention the contact details of NIOS board

Contact number : 18001809393

NIOS Admission procedure

Student can enroll themselves by both online and offline mode so now let us discuss the admission process in detail

Now let us understand both medium online and offline

1 online admission process for nios board 

Student need to visit the official site of NIOS board

For register themselves they need to provide email id and password and all details correctly as per they have asked

Once you submit all the details your account will be created and message will be created and will confirm all the mentioned detail

2 offline admission process for nios board 

For that you need to visit nearest study centre and ask for the e admission form they will explain and guide you with all  things

Once we are aware with the admission process it is our duty to get aware of courses offered at NIOS board So now let us discuss them in detail and get to know deep insight about courses offered at NIOS board

Courses offered at NIOS Board

1 . Open basic education [OBE]

It has three level under this course

  • OBE level A which is equal to class 1-3
  • OBE level B which is equal to class 4-5
  • OBE level c which is equal to class 6-8


2 Secondary course include which is till class 10

3 . Senior secondary class include class 11 and class 12

  1. Vocational education
  2. Diploma in elementary education for untrained
  3. Life enrichment training
  4. Life skills program

So  these are the courses offered by the NIOS board to the students this become very easy to identify in which course you find interesting and get yourself enrolled in the course you are interested  . After knowing the course offered by NIOS it become very important and I think you are curious to know about the fee structure of NIOS board so now let us discuss the fee  structure in detail

Fee structure for NIOS admission

General category for class 10 and 12

For 5 subject Class 10 Class 12
For male 1800/- 2000/-
For female 1450/- 1650/-
For additional sub

[ both male and female ]

720/- 720/-

Note : 50 for online transaction

NIOS fee for dual enrolment or part admission

Secondary and senior secondary fee per subject 480/-
Secondary material cost for each subject 480/-
Senior secondary material cost for each subject 480/-
Note : 50 for online transaction


NIOS fee structure for stream 1,2,3 Amount
Registration fee 480/-
Toc fee 180 /- per subject
Change of sub fee 720/- per subject
Note : 50  for online transaction


So above mentioned were the fee structure of NIOS board and the fee structure is very affordable for the economically weak people so due to financial crisis no  student need leave education due to financial crisis


After knowing the fee structure you are curious to know about how to get books so that you can start your learning process so let us discuss the process of getting study material after ypu finish nios admission process.

Online process to acquire books

  1. Just go to official website
  2. Search for your sub code
  3. Click to add to cart button
  4. Go to cart and proceed to checkout
  5. Fill all the necessary detail like name , enrolment no , email id etc
  6. Now select mode of payment
  7. Place your order for books

So these above mention are the simple steps to acquire your books

After getting books students get more information about exam pattern and exam conduct by the centre so now let us discuss both in detail make and end to your curiosity

Before knowing the detail about the exam pattern it is very important to know about the regional center of NIOS board  as we all know that the  the NIOS board is different from all other board and it is open schooling so it provide regional center so that it become easy for students to study  So now without wasting time let us discuss about various regional center of NIOS board in all over India  and for nios admission related queries , you can get touch with below mentioned people. 

regional center head                                              regional center contact no

Dr TN giri [ Delhi ]                                                  01202404915

SH Anil kumar [ Hydrabad ]                              04024162859

SH V Santhaman  [ Andra pradesh ]                08912564584

 SH Manoj  Jain [ Assam ]                                 03612650541

MS Saumya Rajan  [ pune ]                                02025444667

MS Rachana bhatia [ kolkata ]                           03324797714

paramjeet singh [ bihar ]                                     06122545051

SH aditi ranjan raut  [ odisha ]                           06742302688

Sh hardeep singh [ chandigadh ]                        01722744952

DR alok gupta [ kerala ]                                        0482310033

SH KL gupta [ jaipur ]                                               coming soon

SH Sanjay kumar [ kota ]                                      07442428555

SH vs Raveendran [ rajasthan ]                           07442428555

So above mention are the list of the regional study centre of the NIOS open board .  I  hope this information might help 🙂


Exam pattern

Exam pattern for class 10 and 12 , these are the subjects you need to choose while  taking admission in nios board.

Subjects Total marks Time duration
Hindi 100 3
English 100 3
Sanskrit 100 3
Bengali 100 3
Tamil 100 3
Urdu 100 3


Other Subjects for nios admission

Subjects Total marks Time duration
Maths 100 3
Physics [ theory and practical ] 100 [ 80+20 ] 3+3
Chemistry [ theory and practical ] 100 [ 80 + 20 ] 3+3
Biology [ theory and practical ] 100 [ 80 + 20 ] 3+3
History 100 3
Geography 100 3
Political science 100 3
Economics 100 3
Painting [ theory and practical ] 100 [ 30 + 70 ] 1.5 +3
Home science [ theory and practical ]


100 [ 80 + 20 ] 3 +3
Psychology 100 3
Sociology 100 3

After knowing exam pattern I would also like to give you few tips for the preparation of NIOS exam and score good marks in exam and get all success and fullfill all your dreams of scoring good marks let  us discuss tips for preparation of exam

Tips for preparation of exam

1 . Aspirant must try to cover all the syllabus before 1 month of exam and clear all your doubt and revise syllabus twice before the exam .

  1. make time table to cover syllabus in a balanced manner
  2. read and understand every topic and do not skip any topic because each and every topic given in book are important and can be asked in exam
  3. solve mock test paper before appearing to original exam

5 . increase your writing speed by practice of solving

  1. write answer as per giving words only write answer point to point

7 . write answer in neat and clear way  do make your answer sheet dirty

8 . do not panic during examination write answer of the question which know first so that it will build up your confidence  during examination .


Also read to know how you can score 95% in boards in very less time 

Score 95% in boards by this tips



So here I have mentioned all the detail of the exam pattern so after that I should try clear also your doubt regarding  how to download how to download exam hall ticket and admit card and I will try to clear all doubt regarding this and now let us discuss them in detail.  So, that it would be easy for your nios admission  process 

Before downloading exam hall ticket it is important to know about exam instruction now quickly discuss them in detail

Exam instruction for nios admission 

  1. Ensure you carry your hall ticket
  2. It is important to carry admit card along with hall ticket
  3. It is important to visit to your centre before half hour of exam
  4. You should not carry books along with you to the exam centre

After knowing exam instruction now let us have a quick view on how to download exam hall ticket .

How to download exam hall ticket after nios admission process ?

Visit official site of NIOS board website is mention below

after that mention enrolment no  , name  and all the detail asked to be mention

click on download button to download hall ticket

so by following this steps you can easily download exam hall ticket OF NIOS board

Before knowing the download process of admit card process it is important to know what all detail are present in admit card  so let us quickly see to it

Enrolment number

Candidate name

Father name

Mother name

Exam centre address

Exam schedule

Exam instruction

So these are details which are present in the admit card


How to download NIOS board admit card ?

STEP 1 : visit official site of NIOS board website is mention below

STEP 2 ; click on to the link of NIOS admit card for theory and practical card

STEP 3 ; it will appear on the admit card window

You should enter your enrolment no and hall ticket type

STEP 4 : click on to submit detail button and it will generate your admit card

STEP 5 : Download admit card and put it safe for further reference


NOTE : It become very important for every candidate to carry their admit card along with hall ticket in examination otherwise you are not allowed to appear in the examination .

So do not forget to carry admit card in the examination

So these above mention information are related to how to download admit card and hall ticket I hope this information might help you .


So after getting knowledge of all the thing candidate are excited to get to know about how they get result because it a general fact that after doing anything we are curious to know about exam result .

So now let us end your curiosity and let us quickly discuss about how to check result


How to check results ?

Click on website website link is given here

Click on desire link means which class do you want to check result

Mention all the Details and after that you can download your result


I hope I have covered all the required information regarding NIOS board . Wishing you for the better and bright future .

Hope you like the article and all the information might help you

Best of luck for bright future

If you have any questions stucked in your mind , feel free to comment below and i will personally give you the positive reply by which you can successfully complete your nios admission process.

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